Posted by marketing | 26 January 2018| Blog

Complexity and variability are the new norm in modern business. Changing customer behaviour, shorter product lifecycles and a rising complexity in global supply chains is making life increasingly difficult for production planners. Here, Roger Fleury, Managing Director of Ardent Solutions, explains why the traditional theories of manufacturing are outdated and how taking a demand-driven approach...

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Posted by marketing | 18 January 2018| Blog

While variety may have been the spice of life in the past, it is simply the standard expectation of twenty-first century buyers. This shift has largely occurred in the past three decades and many businesses are still playing catch up. Here, Roger Fleury, Managing Director of Ardent Solutions, explains why it’s time production planners took...

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Posted by Roger Fleury | 05 January 2018| Blog

Demand-driven material requirements planning (DDMRP) has been going from strength to strength since its conception in 2011, with adoption from leading companies around the world. Here, Roger Fleury, Managing Director of resource management software specialist Ardent Solutions, explains DDMRP, its fundamental theory and why it’s more than just another industry buzzword. Every business production planner...

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Posted by Jonathan Smyth | 01 August 2017| Blog

There has been a digital transformation over the last twelve months for Microsoft Dynamics AX, now called Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Since its release in November 2016, Microsoft have released monthly updates rolling out more new features and small improvements to the user interface and navigation features. For some time Dynamics 365 for...

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DDMRP - future of manufacturing
Posted by Roger Fleury | 20 March 2017| Blog

Brexit has focused the attention for manufacturing companies but there are fundamental aspects of the manufacturing sector that need to be addressed – most notably culture, training and education. Roger Fleury, Director, Ardent Solutions and Kevin Boake of B2Wise make the case for innovative thinking as well as technology to inspire the next generation. The...

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Posted by marketing | 01 March 2017| Blog

CONFIGURE.PRICE.QUOTE.   CPQ stands for Configure, Price, Quote and is often associated with software designed to speed up the provision of complex quotations. For any organisation engaged in the manufacture, sale and distribution of complex products or services, the time needed to prepare accurate sales quotes can mean the difference between winning and losing business. So...

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Posted by Roger Fleury | 28 February 2017| Blog

According to a recent report from PwC[i], Industry 4.0 is set to revolutionise industrial production. From cost reduction to increased revenues, digitisation is expected to enable internal improvements and product innovation. However as Roger Fleury, Director, Ardent Solutions, asks, when organisations accept it is robust data analytics that will underpin change, where does that leave...

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Posted by Roger Fleury | 09 February 2017| Blog

Calling time on MRP – The future is DDMRP Growing numbers of organisations are, very quietly, turning their backs on MRP. From those routinely disregarding the information provided by their existing MRP systems to the growing number of new ERP implementations being undertaken without MRP, a quiet revolution is taking place. Roger Fleury, Director, Ardent...

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Posted by Roger Fleury | 16 January 2017| Blog

Sometimes its nice to sit down and reflect on the journey you have been on to get to where you are today. So what about Microsoft Dynamics AX and its journey to success? Where did this powerful ERP software come from? What happened to Microsoft Axapta? The release of Axapta in 1998 brought object-oriented technology to midsize...

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Posted by Roger Fleury | 11 November 2016| Blog

Once in a while, it is wholeheartedly good to be shaken out of your comfort zone. However easy it is to carry on with the status quo and not rock the boat, when you are presented with the ’awful truth’ that your preconceptions might be wrong and that there is a better way of doing...

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