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Working with Ardent Solutions, Padley & Venables has deployed Microsoft Dynamics AX across its two manufacturing sites in the UK and its German distribution centre. In addition to minimising the risk associated with the ERP solution, Padley & Venables is benefitting from faster production feedback, improved stock visibility and user enabled reporting and analysis.

What We Did

In 2011, the company had to face up to the fact that while operations were effective, the future of the business was at growing risk from its ageing legacy ERP implementation. As Darren Bradwell, Financial Controller, Padley & Venables, explains, “The existing ERP solution was installed in 1990. Running on IBM AS/400 hardware, it was becoming more and more difficult to maintain.”

Having assessed the market, Padley & Venables opted to work with Ardent Solutions and implement Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. Darren explains, “Switching ERP solutions after 20 years is a major upheaval; it is essential to minimise business disruption and ensure the new system supports evolving business needs. Ardent provided the best explanation of Dynamics AX and how it would match Padley & Venables’ business needs. The consultants also provided the business with real confidence in their ability to deliver the technology and minimise business impact.”

The company took a phased approach to the implementation, deploying CRM, MRP, Bill of Materials, Routing, Financials, Stock Management and multi-bank at the Padley & Venables division, prior to rolling out at Bedford Steels and, finally, the distribution centre in Germany. Following extensive training from Ardent Solutions, the data migration exercise was handled by Padley and Venables' own IT team.


Padley & Venables has realised its primary objective: namely gaining access to a broad range of skills that can support this critical component of the business. In addition, Dynamics AX is providing better visibility of both work orders and finished stock. Due to the size of the finished products, Padley & Venables does not have a set place within the warehouse for each product number; goods will be placed in a different location each time, depending on available space. “By including location information within the process, Dynamics AX has transformed Padley & Venables’ visibility of stock within the warehouse. The result has been a far quicker annual stock take process and reduced risk of picking and despatching the wrong items to customers,” Darren says.

In addition, Dynamics AX provides far better work order visibility, enabling the customer sales team to respond immediately to customer queries regarding order status. “The ability to drill straight through from sales order to works order provides an accurate view of when the order is likely to be completed and shipped, transforming the speed and accuracy of customer service,” he says.

The company is considering upgrading to the latest version of the software, Dynamics AX 2012 to exploit new functionality and will implement Ardent Solution’s Shop Floor Data Capture solution to automate the recording of work orders and gain productivity benefits.

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