Industrial Equipment


A proven ERP solution for all companies
that manufacture and supply
equipment and machinery


Annata 365 for Dynamics supports the varied processes of
industrial and complex consumer equipment businesses

An end-to-end Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution designed for device-centric organisations.



Responsiveness is key to success if you are involved in the manufacture, distribution, servicing and rental of industrial equipment. Annata 365 for Dynamics offers you an end to end ERP solution enabling you to support all of your operations, improving visibility and giving staff the powerful information they need to make better decisions.

Designed for industrial equipment organisations that wish to proactively manage their primary assets, reduce costs and react faster to service issues, Annata 365 for Dynamics provides you with an integrated ERP system to efficiently manage all aspects of the process, to help maintain brand reputation and industry compliance and give you the flexibility to support business growth.

Developed for your specific requirements, you can gain immediate access to critical maintenance history, warranty details, service contracts and critically, control costs. By placing the 'device’ at the very heart of the ERP solution, Annata 365 for Dynamics can give you greater control over what you and your customers do with the equipment over its lifetime. Annata 365 for Dynamics is based upon Microsoft Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365.


Annata Industrial Equipment ERP



  • Improved productivity from manufacture to after-sales
  • Improve device utilisation
  • Track and gain control of costs
  • Faster response to customer enquiries
  • Reduce costs through better labour productivity
  • React faster to equipment service issues


Key Features

  • Track all equipment information throughout the entire lifecycle
  • Integrated rental solution to provide instant availability and utilisation
  • Real-time inventory management
  • Maintain all device service history including claims, recalls and maintenance plans
  • Client portal for direct access to their account information


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Ardent Solutions has successfully implemented Microsoft technologies for over 26 years and is one of the UK’s leading providers of Microsoft Dynamics AX.
As the UK’s main provider of Annata 365 for Dynamics, we have a wealth of experience of working with those companies involved in the manufacture, distribution, servicing and rental of industrial and complex consumer equipment.
We can help you to maximise the return on your software investment and change the way you do business forever.

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